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David thanks the Holy Trinity, my family (dad, mom, Deb, and Don), friends, Ali Richardson, Harun NaJashi Abdur-Rasheed, Chris & Melissa Conner, MicheleQJ, Nathan Jones, OpeYemi Akanbi, Lorne Behrman, Paul Roane, Dan Crook, Rocci, Mike & Marya Camilleri, Brad & Becca, PJ Raduta, George Dougherty, Stephen Jenkins, Eric White Sr. & Jr., Matt Mezzacappa, Marquita Dublin, Esther Doe, Patti Owens, Lesley & David Wright, April Bremme, Comfort Chie, Jason Short, Chuck Kanian, Melissa Cross, Mind TV, Alfredo Pangue, Andrew Bilach @ All Knowing Force, Angelo Capilli, Ceri, Cesminaz Yilmaz Taskin, Christian Bruzzeze, Dan Coutant, Dimitris Lazaris @ Hard City, Donna Franklin, Gizzmo Hennessey, Heather Feather, Heather McDaid @ Indulge Sound, Jacobbe, James Luke, Jeffrey Scott Miller, Jennifer Black-Gallagher, John Book @ This is Book's Music, Jonathan Kakuyo, Jordan Scott Kelter, Kelly Carvalho, Kris, Lane Cavalcanti, Lee Padilla, Mary Morisco, Maxx Paulson @ Rebel Monster Inc., Michael Delaney, Mike SOS @ Ear Candy, Natalia Vieira, Neil Morrison, Nerve VIII not Hate, Paras D Grat, PJ Plastino @ Black Collar Radio, Rach McCauley, Rosana Paiva de Silva, Shamus McGroggan, Shannon Simble, Tammy Jones, Yogi Duha, Vineyard Church folks, Crestwood folks, and you for listening.

Copyright 2012 David Joon Yu
Copyright 2012 David Joon Yu & Michele Maiorini ("Recession")
Copyright 2012 David Joon Yu, Michele Maiorini & Ali Richardson ("Mend")
Copyright 2012 David Joon Yu & Christopher Conner ("Breakthrough")


released May 11, 2012

Produced, mixed, and mastered by David J. Yu

David J. Yu- Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming, Keyboards
Ali Richardson- Bass, Keyboards
Harun NaJashi Abdur-Rasheed- Drums
Chris Conner- Guitars
(Please see specific songs for credits)

MicheleQJ- vocals on "Recession" and "Mend"
Dan Crook- additional vocals on "Restoration"

All songs written by David J. Yu except for:
-"Recession"- lyrics by MicheleQJ, music by David J. Yu
-"Mend"- lyrics by MicheleQJ, David J. Yu & Ali Richardson, music by David J. Yu
-"Breakthrough"- lyrics by David J. Yu, music by Chris Conner

Drum Engineering by Ali Richardson
Vocal Coaching by OpeYemi Akanbi & Ali Richardson

Cover Design & Illustration by David J. Yu



all rights reserved


Generic Concession Stand

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Track Name: Scapegoat
I tried so hard
I did what I could.
You just wanted to protect yourself
Invested to remove me.
So my stomach burned
With all your turns!
I somehow became
your scapegoat.

Stomped on my face (you hit me)
Hunted me once again
You never got tired of
ripping my face off!
Stomped on my face (you hit me)
Hunted me once again
Everyday I withstand
Your inmost affections!

Through those hard fought years
I thought I survived the wars.
I found myself betrayed
And licking all my wounds.
The disappointment I felt
Slowly crept inside my brain.
But I will keep
my hope inside!

2012 Copyright David J. Yu
Track Name: Breakthrough
Every time
you open your mouth
to cut me down
and viewed me unfairly
I kept this face
still and broken
this poison aches
but I want to spit it!

You beat me with a cold weight
but I kept trying to break through again

Burned inside
I feel less than human
Remove these blinds
And fly (FLY)

I've seen the wasteland
Gray and barren
Your beady eyes
stab me like knives
You left me in chains
wanting to cry
but I still insisted
to keep on praying!

Burn these lies
I feel so denied
It seems like I'm in ruins
but I need to keep on praying!

2012 Copyright David J. Yu
Track Name: Recession

Trying to decide
i mean tryin to concur
if my vision more blurry
or my speech more slurred
rock this pass with a glass
of fermented grain
vodka oj
give a fuck about a brand name
dollar penny pinched
-------paycheck thin
band aid maintain sanity and suave grin
rubberband legs, neck to the beat knock
plot a protest 
-------unite the whole block
old is new again, 
lootin treasury again
cutbacks, sacrifice, 
front like they playin nice
tax cuts, bonuses
class war, on your back the target and the onus is
food riots round the world
-------profit rebound
downtown recession  
uptown depression 
ground down the sound now, listen to the drums pound
first the guitar gently weeped, now it screams out

if you workin mad hours trying to get the bills paid
if your job closed down sent the work away
unemployment ran out got no weeks pay
foreclosed on your dreams but they still remain

get up get up get up cmon get it
get up get up get up cmon get it
get up get up get up cmon get it
get up get up get up cmon get it

which way does the wild wind whistle thru your wide brim
gristle in the eye again
plank before the needle pin
perish at the thought of it, blink, miss the message taught
motives match mirrored foes
floss before the meter go
ticketed, booted slow, massive movin magic show
-------run dat economy for greed not need
making bullshit to sell expensive or cheap
feed everybody, house everybody, teach?
flat screen ere-ybody, Foxconned with fresh sneaks?
art for the soul or readily disposed?
dreams deferred sold for dreams deposed
the ballet of the ballot belies the billions on it
bought it for the price point,
long money, strong voice
hungry for a real choice
'bout to make our own

if you workin mad hours trying to get the bills paid
if your job closed down sent the work away
unemployment ran out got no weeks pay
foreclosed on your dreams but they still remain

get up get up get up cmon get it
get up get up get up cmon get it
get up get up get up cmon get it
get up get up stand up uh uh uh uh

see you a top dog or slum dog
a boss or a worker
in love with the past or the future
for money or hope
for power or freedom
you can't serve one God and two masters
my party's the people
my tea color's green
my flags all been burned
as a heater
Winter in America
prophets they been tellin ya
look for the signs, the change in seasons
take another drink, come outside and get breathin

not for a dem nibbling at the grass nicely
not gop weed-killer sprayed nightly
i'm socialist hand-made, sickle with the hand blade
cultivate organically
harvest growth naturally

2012 Copyright Michele Maiorini

Track Name: Mend
Love fierce 
like a tiger with 9 lives
each time
comin stronger and meaner
like a tree goes through seasons
with them roots that get deeper
to the water table
down where the seeker
finds the inner guidance residing
fill em up, 
raise it up,
experience the teacher
if you giving love right
pain gonna reach ya
felt the cold earth in my hands
grabbed for an answer
pullin up grass
open palm
face expansive
observe cycles of breath
til the stillness is left
no need for bombast each moment shall pass
to the time right
gotta die to be born
fresh eyes look on with intention
like a first time in sunlight
honorable mention
stretching out the claws on the lawn
feeling playful
im going for the kill this time
i pray on for what i prey on
im grateful
state fully that im claimin what im made for

one time for the lovers in love
two times for the loved and lost
three times for the hopeless and the hopeful
four times for the fight and the cost

There are times when I'm too strange to speak
Does that make me a geek or unique?
I am lost in the land of the talk
Where I cannot even press restart
Do you really want to find me?
I'll be in the places of negativity
with my head down and feet clowned
I'm going to put my own self down
There are times when I tried to escape
But there's so much to gain
if I maintain
the desire of reaching higher
No hesitation or frustration
Just jump in and soak the intention
I'm going to get to this place
Where my heart touches my faith

one time for the lovers in love out there
two times for the loved and lost
three times for the hopeless and the hopeful
four times for the fight and the cost

2012 Copyright Michele Maiorini, David J. Yu & Ali Richardson
Track Name: Restoration
Stuck in ego
It wrapped its fingers in my brain
Thoughts are mixed in separation
All the disappointments
keep on piling heartache
Digging up these feelings inside of me

Separate me from my ego again
And keep me in line with Your Spirit
This world wants to taunt me on and on
but this inspiration calls me while I'm alive

Sometimes it feels
isolation feeds division
And I often get is
rejection's staring gaze.
Stop thinking all this nonsense
And I will move on to the next destination

Keep me in line with Your Spirit
I want to connect
and get closer
than anything or radar can detect

Let the Spirit flow
Deep into my soul
Deep into my soul
on and on
moving slow
Oh oh

2012 Copyright David J. Yu