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Special thanks to: the Holy Trinity, my family (dad, mom, Deb & Eduardo, Don & Sarah), friends, Lorne Behrman, Micheleqj, Rocci, Ali Richardson, Yemi, Harun NaJashi Abdur-Rasheed, Nathan Jones, Jeff "Jeff-O" Oleksinski, Tyler Nordstrom, Charlie Naebeck, Doug Holton, Shamus McGroggan, Dwayne Grannum, Angela Papa, Melissa Cross, Miguel Trigo, John Osti, Albert Bilger, Vineyard Church people, past & present Crestwood people, and you for listening! If I forgot someone, please let me know...


Copyright 2009 David J. Yu


released September 4, 2009

Generic Concession Stand is David J. Yu

All songs written, produced, and mixed by David J. Yu

Harun NaJashi Abdur-Rasheed- Drums
Ali Richardson- Vocals on "Reawake"
Yemi- Vocals on "Mountain" and "Reawake"
Mike Battaglia- Rhodes on "Winter"

Ali Richardson- Drum engineering on "Mountain,""Concrete,""Winter,""E.G.M.","Run,""Present,""Tides,""Skies,""Contrived,""This Time," and "Reawake"
Nathan Jones- Additional Drum engineering on "Reawake"
Micheleqj- Rhodes engineering on "Winter"

Vocal Coaching by Ali Richardson, Yemi, Dwayne Grannum, and Angela Papa.

Mastered by Dan Coutant at the Sun Room.

Cover Art by David J. Yu. Thanks to Micheleqj.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Mountain

Who are the ones?
To guide us out
Of obscurity
Who sets the ocean free?
The time has come
To show we can

The dream we have
Can burn inside
To glow in times
That needs the mountain’s eyes

The reddened scar
Healed in time
The students learned
That faith’s alive

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu
Track Name: Concrete

I prepared for the worst
And couldn’t do anything
The public is laughing
Seems I’ve plunged head first
But that seems so trivial
When this earth is on fire

This beating nightmare
Keeps on silencing
The beauty in
This dissonance

It seems the outside
Changes in every way
And I keep hitting concrete
Gone into an island
Of shame and trepidation
Where paranoia sounds the same

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu
Track Name: Winter

I’ve heard this sound too many times
Couldn’t make myself remind
That running into the walls at all
Couldn’t soften my fall

Take me to this slumber
and leave me comatose
Then you and I will find a way
to rescue in dreams

The leaves bristle outside
The sun whispers a shine
So I close both of my eyes
And lose this wartime

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu
Track Name: E.G.M.

Ice is melting in my eyes
And blizzards hide from pesticides

The shape broken and tattered
But can we find the solutions at this point in time?

This heat is caught
Between these nightmares
And will this earth
Ever find home?
I hope this can change
And we can retain
The splendor of this
Ever gleaming masterpiece

The sun is blazing in my eyes
And the winds seems to brush inside

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu
Track Name: Run

Running through the ocean sounds ok
Tempers melt to water in the sea
I’ve gone away somewhere from my mind
Where the oceans talk without surrender
Everything seems fine when I don’t hesitate

I don’t know when I will listen
Everything seems so confusing
Running seems to be the only option I can take

So I keep dreaming on

Traveling through the stars sounds fine to me
Give me something more than I can take
I’ve gone away somewhere from my mind
Where the stars float through the holy river
Everything seems fine when I don’t hesitate

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu
Track Name: Present

The finer things in this world
Lays in this strand
Of mass disruption
The commotion lies in my mind
Crushing my time
And laying waste to this spine

The lies spit in my eyes
And I hurry out
To disappear
This time to equate has moved on
And will crash into the truth again

The past runs in my mind
And can’t conclude
The slaughter of the current
I cringe instantly
I must get rid
Of this distress

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu
Track Name: Prevail

The deprived
Have seen their heads roll
It’s seems so contrived
Innocence has been sold
Led into the ground
The moneyed cycle
Creates a wall
Where no one is sound

This fiction
Is my addiction
I can’t see myself
So will I prevail?

Crush my inner diseases
Of perpetrated lies and all I didn’t need
Destroy all limitations
Of commercial truths and irrational fears

It’s comatose
Destructive in will
I’m powerless
To it’s control
Greed is an eye
To cheat or divide
I preoccupy
On my defeat

The lies have
been exposed
My eyes
Have been closed

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu
Track Name: Skies

She avoids me
like an allergy she finds
in my mind
It's so cold and dusty here
Her silence
It froze me in place
in a space so gray
It's so hard to escape from here

Time seems so distant to me
like I'm in some kind of travesty
Dreams hold on to me
and I'm in some kind of fantasy

I tried to
breach this distance
but it caused so much more resistance
Now I can
focus on
my future
and my goals and dreams

Now I can see things clearly
I wasn't strong enough to move
I will call on You now
You will lift me into the skies

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu
Track Name: This Time
This Time

These failures I find
will intrude in time
to a place I have yet settled in.
The attacks have grown
and smashed this mold
into pieces I find in my mind.

and feeling this time will bind.

Now this time is right
for self-revelations
Now the time is ripe
for change in the nation

This damage has been
pushing through
to distress tranquility.
Breathing slowly
becomes a rarity.
Am I sure that I'm ok?

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu
Track Name: Tides

This doubt is running within
Trampling on my convictions
Leaving me behind in this world
I can only speak within

This doubt is already mine
It consumes with immovable strife

The tides of change
will pass me down
I seek the might to break these shackles
Rusted in shame and past disasters

This doubt is crashing within
Smashing my whole confidence
Taking one step out of fear
And running from this paralyses

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu
Track Name: No Sounds
No Sounds

What will I say?
I can’t think straight
Thoughts race by
Seconds gone away
You’re standing there
Maybe the same
I don’t know
I’m not even looking

Packing this bag
Putting this jacket on
My mouth is closed
My eyes are afraid to…

No sounds inside
No sounds inside
Will move through me
And get to you

Maybe one day
I’ll say something new
It won’t be much
It won’t open the sea
Time will tell
If I get it right
I don’t know
I’ll tell you later

Give me strength
To face these fears
I’m gonna try
I’m gonna get there

Packing this bag
Putting this jacket on
My mouth is wide
I look right at…

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu
Track Name: Reawake

Fragile inclined,
The weak paradigm
My body fails
Without the mind (weakly)

Reawake the senses
Reawake the spirit

When the thoughts
Slowed within time,
Sensing the
Near serenity (peacefully)

Copyright 2009 David J. Yu